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Kvalificerad utbildning som levereras med vår unika, accelererade utbildningsmetodik. Expertinstruktörer ger deltagarna möjlighet att erhålla och bibehålla maximal kunskap med minimal tidsåtgång i en distraktionsfri miljö.

Om academy

Firebrand Academy är ett fokuserat IT-rekryteringsprogram och omfattande utbildnings- och kvalificeringsprogram. Vi gör kandidater redo för en framgångsrik karriär inom IT och vi gör verksamheter redo för framtiden med det snabbaste och mest kostnadseffektiva sättet att utveckla sina team.

Kom vidare

Jag är en framåtdrivande ledare som söker en talangfull kandidat

Jag är en ambitiös kandidat som söker ett spännande jobb

We use a combination of specialist instructors and tailor made courses to deliver comprehensive training in packet analysis that could deliver major gains for you and your business. This curriculum will provide practical guidance and a deeper understanding of network analysis using the popular freeware protocol analyser tool, WireShark.

How Our Wireshark Training Courses Can Help You
Our Packet Analysis curriculum provides in-depth guidance for users interested in implementing Wireshark technology at their place of work – whether that be a business or educational institute. Wireshark has become the de facto protocol analyser across all industries and sectors, and our comprehensive courses can help you make better use of the platform. 
Combining intuitive tuition structure with specially trained instructors, our course focuses on accurate and effective network analysis; helping you to monitor your network on a packet level.

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Looking for something customized or buying for your team? Get your staff trained and certified in half the time. Secure your team’s skills development over the coming months and save up to 25% with Firebrand. Whether you need something tailormade  to fit your needs completely or you´re looking to buy in bulk., Firebrand is your best option - We´ll have your team trained, certified and back to work faster and better equipped to add value to your business.

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Why train and certify with us?

We provide the best conditions for you to learn. With us by your side, encouraging and guiding you along the way, you can enjoy your intense, focused days of quality learning in a distraction free environment.

We use the best instructors in the world to deliver our unique accelerated learning methods, allowing you to maximise your learning and putting you in the best possible position to pass first time.

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