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Industriens høyeste kvalitetsopplæring levert igjennom vår unike akselererte opplæringsmetodikk. Ekspertinstruktører som gjør det mulig for studenter å motta og huske maksimal kunnskap på minimal tid i et miljø uten distraksjoner.

Om Academy

En fokusert rekrutteringsløsning og et omfattende opplæringsprogram. Vi gjør kandidater klar til å hurtigstarte sine karrierer innenfor IT og vi gjør arbeidsgivere klar for fremtiden med de raskeste og mest kostnadseffektive metodene for å styrke teamene deres.

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Jeg er en fremtidsrettet arbeidsgiver som er på jakt etter en dyktig kandidat

Jeg er en ambisiøs kandidat som er på jakt etter en spennende jobb


Grow your business with an Academy Graduate

Utilizing existing talents and creating a more agile employment market has never been more critical. Today’s IT-market is fast-paced, fast-growing and changeable. Fresh thinking and new solutions are needed, and this requires people. The right people. People with an unstoppable drive and resolute ability to constantly learn and adapt. But it also requires for these people to be matched to the right businesses.

Gain the resources you need, reduce internal costs, improve value for your clients and increase profits for your business in collaboration with Firebrand Academy. Our graduates challenge habits, push innovation into cultures and discover new ways. They are ambitious, committed and flexible and support an attitude that fuels growth.

Firebrand Academy is a focused IT graduate recruitment solution and comprehensive training programme that, in the minimum amount of time, turns your new employee into a productive, certified and value-adding member of your team with strong professional and personal skills.

We dedicate our work to form the brightest minds to create better solutions for stronger businesses. We have done so since 2001 and have a pipeline of eager talent prepared to take on your future.


We recruit and educate the IT professionals of the future. We help you find suitable candidates. We help you recruit the candidate that best suit your business and your skills requirements. And we train your new employee into a highly skilled, fully-productive and value-adding IT professional in no time. Our Firebrand Academy programme is open to any candiate suitable to your business, so we welcome your current employees as well.

Why a graduate

A great solution. Strengthening your team of senior professionals with younger talents is a powerful and cost-effective way to overcome recruitment obstacles in the face of current industry challenges.
The perfect match. Finding and developing talent from the large group of young graduates, developing them to fit your organization, is a great way to recruit IT professionals with stong and relevant skills, a solid understanding of your business and who fits your culture perfectly.
Staying competitive. Newly trained IT professionals are quick to learn and work hard. They are loyal and driven and prepared to leave their comfort zone in order to supply you with a value-adding, competitive advantage.
Innovative thinkers. Young graduates are free from limitations, they challenge habitual thinking, push innovation into cultures and bring fresh thinking from their networks, helping to create new knowledge and deliver profitable growth to your business.
Cost effective. Not only does employing graduates reduce internal costs, finding them with Firebrand Academy is the fastest and most costeffective way to get a productive new employee ready to take on your future.

Why Firebrand

We help you grow. By matching your business with the right candidates from our pipleline of elite graduates, we help you recruit and train the employees you need to achive profitable growth.
We look after everything. We formulate your job ad and advertise it for you. We test and preselect candidates and we take care of all communication with them. Finally, we train and certify your selected candidates, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. All for a one-off fee that includes everything from accommodation and full board at our dedicated Training Centre to course materials and exams.
We create your experts. Based on an agreed training programme, we train your new employees using our unique model for accelerated learning. This method maximises learning and knowledge retention focusing on achieving a high level of practical skills as well as the commercial and personal skills central to a skilled consultant and IT expert.
We know time is of the essence. The future waits for no one. That’s why we have created a programme that within just months of recruitment turns your new employee into a certified and fully productive IT professional who is of immediate benefit to your clients and your business.
We believe in your future. We have many years of experience recruiting and training young graduates, and our clients have come to rely on our contribution not only to their recruitment needs but also to their growth strategy. We share your ambitions and know our graduates have what it takes to help you achieve them.

"Do not be so nervous to jump into it, it takes time and it is a long term investment in yourself, but it's worth it. I have unlimited opportunities in my career now, and the future looks very exciting."


Mads Svendsen - AX-consultant

"I think that the vast majority of higher education has processed data in databases or coded a bit, as part of their training, so the step to an IT career is probably less than you think."


Toke Fogh - IT-developer

"It simply builds a bridge between being a student and getting out into the labor market and start to contribute value to a business."


Thea Renneberg - IT-developer

"It's one of the best hires of my 25 years as a CEO."


Jesper Bergstedt - CEO

"You can put it like this, you either close or you grow in our market."


Kenn Buhl - Director

"The two candidates were already being productive, ready to meet customers and organize workshops when they had completed their 3-month Academy program."


Pia Tasior - HR & Communications Manager

"Within 12 months they´ve developed into consultants equal to their senior colleagues and we fully expect that most of them will continue their development and become among our best senior consultants."


Tina Bodin - HR Director

"If we only take the salary into consideration, then we have break even on our investment in the Academy candidate within 5 months."


Peter Linnet - Manager

"The candidates we met were brilliant! They had a very special kind of energy and drive. We´ve found that within 6-10 months of employment, the young Academy graduates are charging hours at the same rate as their more senior colleagues."


Søren Billeskov - Head of Talent Management

"It took Henrik just 2 weeks to be able to deliver billable hours and within 4 months, we had a positive return on our investment. Of course there is still much to learn, but he also makes a significant contribution."


Ulrik Knudsen - Director

The Firebrand Package

Creating transformation is easy with your Firebrand Package. We recruit and educate the IT professionals of the future. We help you find suitable candidates. We help you recruit the candidates that suits your business and then we´ll train your new employee in the technology of your choice with our unique accelerated training method. Plus, we´ll add an onboarding toolbox that will help you turn your new talent into a highly skilled, fully-productive and value-adding IT professional in no time – and retain them long term.


We provide the best conditions to learn for graduates and we´ve successfully trained and certified hundreds of candidates, who are currently adding value in businesses similar to yours.


Our unique model of accelerated training creates certified and fully productive IT professionals in no time. That´s possible because we offer a focused experience, where your candidate can receive and retain maximum knowledge and we can train your candidate in minimum time.


With our proven toolbox, you´ll get a structured way to develop your new employee into a fully contributing team member. Don’t do the common mistake of disregarding the onboarding process’ importance when it comes to young graduates.


  • 3-5 months

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science

  • 3-5 months

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps

  • 3-5 Month

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for IT Support

  • 3-5 Months

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for Big Data

  • 3-5 Months

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for Cloud Administration

  • 3-5 Months

Firebrand Academy: Microsoft Professional Program for Front End Web Development

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