Om opplæringen vår

Industriens høyeste kvalitetsopplæring levert igjennom vår unike akselererte opplæringsmetodikk. Ekspertinstruktører som gjør det mulig for studenter å motta og huske maksimal kunnskap på minimal tid i et miljø uten distraksjoner.

Om Academy

En fokusert rekrutteringsløsning og et omfattende opplæringsprogram. Vi gjør kandidater klar til å hurtigstarte sine karrierer innenfor IT og vi gjør arbeidsgivere klar for fremtiden med de raskeste og mest kostnadseffektive metodene for å styrke teamene deres.

Get started

Jeg er en fremtidsrettet arbeidsgiver som er på jakt etter en dyktig kandidat

Jeg er en ambisiøs kandidat som er på jakt etter en spennende jobb



For employers

Gain the ressources you need, reduce internal costs, improve value for your clients and increase profits for your business with Firebrand Academy.

For graduates

Firebrand Academy is your fastest and most certain way to build an amazing career. We get you employed, we get you trained and we get you ready for a career in the IT industry.

Firebrand Academy is a focused recruitment solution and comprehensive education programme. We get graduates ready to kick-start their careers in IT and we get employers ready for the future with the fastest and most cost-effective way to strengthen the team.

For the forward thinking employer, this is your opportunity to create transformation and growth with our candidates. Academy candidates challenge habits, push innovation into cultures and discover new ways. They are ambitious, committed and flexible and support an attitude that fuels growth. 

For the ambitious graduate, this is your chance to change everything. We´ll get you employed. We´ll get you trained and qualified by the most competent instructors in the business, at no charge to you. You get paid from the start, and you obtain universal and portable IT and consulting skills providing you with career security.

We dedicate our work to form the brightest minds to create better solutions for stronger businesses. We have done so since 2001 and have trained, certified and prepared thousands of people and businesses for the future.

Our Facts



Academy Candidates are quickly ready to deliver value. Within a year the Academy candidates are, on average, billing 70% or more of their time to customers.


Billable hours

Academy Candidates are quickly ready to deliver value. Within a year the Academy candidates are, on average, billing 70% or more of their time to customers.


Stay in their first job

We´ve currently recruited and trained more than 200 candidates and when we asked them after two years of employment, 97% of them had stayed on with the original employer.


Do you need more IT-Security specialists?

The rising threatlevel means there is a serious lack of qualified IT security professionals, so you may want to consider creating your own experts.

Microsoft 2017 Learning Award Partner of the Year!

We are extremely humble and proud that we have been selected among more than 2,800 partners worldwide as a finalist for Microsoft's Global Learning Award Partner of the Year.

Are you ready to grow your business with Azure?

Cloud technologies are well on their way to revolutionize our thinking about IT. This is huge opportunity for the businesses that are ready.

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