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Pay for your Firebrand training with Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) vouchers 
You may be entitled to heavily discounted training with Firebrand. If you´re a Microsoft partner, your company probably has SA vouchers sitting on the shelf. Why waste them? 

What are SA Vouchers? 
Your company receives a number of training days based on the amount of qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses covered with Software Assurance. The number varies by licensing program. Also, please beware that the vouchers do expire, if you don´t use them, so please use it, or you will lose it. 

What can I use them for? 
You can use them to pay for your Firebrand training – and certification programmes. 
Your SA vouchers can be used to pay for nearly all Microsoft courses with us, and you can calculate the value of your vouchers below. 

How can I find out how many I have? 
Don´t miss out – if you´re unsure, we can tell you how many vouchers you have available. Please just give us a call and we´ll assist you in any way that we can.

Redeem SA vouchers


Firebrand has been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner award in Denmark no less than 5 times as the first and only learning partner, ever!

Plus - in 2017 we´re named among 2.800 partners worldwide as a Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Finalist!

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