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The highest quality teaching in the industry delivered through our unique accelerated learning methodology. Expert instructors allow students to receive and retain maximum knowledge in minimum time in a distraction-free environment.

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A focused recruitment solution and comprehensive education programme. We get graduates ready to kick-start their careers within IT and we get employers ready for the future with the fastest and most cost-effective way to strengthen their teams.

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Technologies are ever changing in this fast moving unpredictable world of IT and you´ll need industry relevant, practical certification courses to keep your skill set competitive and manage your infrastructure in a cost-effective and high-performance manner.

At Firebrand, we share your ambition and we know you have what it takes toachieve it. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to your Server, Networking and Client training, guiding you onthe right path and encouraging you for every step you take.  

Committedonsite support, access to your classroom at all hours, and inspiration from anetwork of likeminded peoplearejust a few of the things we provide, as wedo everything we can to create the perfect conditions for you to acquire Server-, Networking- and Client skills and get certified. 

With us by your side, you will be stronger, wiser and prepared for yourfuture in no time. 

Are you ready? Find your Server, Networking and Client course below. 

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Looking for something customized or buying for your team? Get your staff trained and certified in half the time. Secure your team’s skills development over the coming months and save up to 25% with Firebrand. Whether you need something tailormade  to fit your needs completely or you´re looking to buy in bulk., Firebrand is your best option - We´ll have your team trained, certified and back to work faster and better equipped to add value to your business.

Why train and certify with us?

We provide the best conditions for you to learn. With us by your side, encouraging and guiding you along the way, you can enjoy your intense, focused days of quality learning in a distraction free environment.

We use the best instructors in the world to deliver our unique accelerated learning methods, allowing you to maximise your learning and putting you in the best possible position to pass first time.

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