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The highest quality teaching in the industry delivered through our unique accelerated learning methodology. Expert instructors allow students to receive and retain maximum knowledge in minimum time in a distraction-free environment.

About our academy

A focused recruitment solution and comprehensive education programme. We get graduates ready to kick-start their careers within IT and we get employers ready for the future with the fastest and most cost-effective way to strengthen their teams.

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Once the consultancy phase has been completed, you are free to take over the consultants and hire them onto your team as your very own full time, fully trained and highly capable expert resource.

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How risky is it for me to go with a graduate consulting solution?

Well, it is as close to risk-free as you can get. We´ll assume all responsibilty right up until you make the decision to hire your consultants yourself.

This is a risk-free solution to your resourcing issues. We'll take full responsibility for the recruitment, training and continued development of your consultants. We've been doing this for years and as you can see in our case stories, we´ve helped many businesses similar to yours, get prepared for the future with our graduate resourcing solutions. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Am I a part of the recruitment process?

Yes, you certainly are, but you won´t have to bother with any of the hazzle.

You get to be an active part of the recruitment process. We´ll work together to find the exact right fit for your culture and skills requirements and you decide whom you want as your new consultants.. With us, you´re free to enjoy the hazzle-free process of recruitment. We´ll assume all responsibility, so you won´t have to spend too much time - this is Skills as a Service.

Do you have any sort of experience with recruiting graduates?

Yes, we do. We´ve been doing this successfully for years.

You will get access to recruiters who are specialized in recruiting young talents for the IT industry. You´ll be working with an experienced team. We´ve successfully recruited more than 250 young graduates who are now adding value in businesses similar to yours

Can I get consultants who are trained in any technology?

Yes, you can. Whatever your technology, we´ll create your expert consultants.

We match graduates to your business ensuring they have a deep understanding of your challenges, strong and relevant skills finetuned to your needs and fit your culture perfectly. We´ve been training more than 60.000 delegates since 2001 and know exactly what it takes to develop the most competent and driven consultants in the industry.

How quickly are the consultants able to deliver productive hours?

Much faster than you think. They´re highly productive from day one.

That´s possible because we train them very well. Graduates on our consulting programme undergo a comprehensive and focused training programme ahead of onboarding with you, making them able to deliver productive hours from day one.

Will their skills be kept up to date?

They certainly will be. We´ll take care of the continued development of your consultants.

Our unique model of accelerated training creates certified and fully productive IT consultants in no time. That´s possible because we offer a focused experience, where your consultant can receive and retain maximum knowledge and we can train them in minimum time. We´ll also maintain their skills with continued training and certification, so your consultant will always have up-to-date skills and the most recent certifications. Also, if your needs change and you want a different set of skills, we´ll retrain your consultant.

Can I just go ahead and hire the consultants myself?

Yes, you can and we won´t even charge you a premium.

Once the consultancy phase has been completed, you are free to take over the consultants and hire them onto your team as your very own full time, fully trained and highly capable expert resources.

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