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“This is one of my best hires during my 25 years as a CEO.” - Jesper Bergstedt, CEO - 2ndC

The consultancy firm 2ndC creates growth with Academy graduates

2ndC is an IT consultancy firm founded 25 years ago. Their focus is optimzing the fit between customer organization and their information technology.
2ndC has won the prestigious Microsoft Award "The Partner of the Year" and the award as the year's Cloud Platform partner within Azure, where they are market leaders. The company currently has 24 employees and they are currently growing 30% yearly. In the coming years, growth is also on the strategy, and growth rates are expected to be between 20 and 30% a year - Director Jesper Bergstedt says:

"We are a company that want to  growth and Firebrand Academy helps ud do that."

Why Firebrand Academy?
When choosing to invest in new resources through Firebrand Academy, it is primarily about growth. "Firebrand helps us recruit and train the employees that enable us to achieve the growth we want." Jesper says that the usual candidates for consultancy positions are too expensive and not goog enough. "Regardless of the price, they are not exactly what they need to be, when we get them tested."

"We need to focus on the fact that middle-aged people are at the forefront of the innovation front - we can take care of the bigger lines, but we need to confront the idea that we are the only ones who can do it. The young people we've got, have really challenged our habits. The Firebrand Academy helps us get it right: To get some 25-year-olds with fresh ideas to compelment all of us, who´ve tried most thigns already. With the young graduates, we get the attitude that brings growth with us. "

What about chargeability, the cold hard facts - does Firebrand Academy work?
Most people who consider hiring an Academy candidate focus on whether the investment will pay off. Jesper says: "We are some of the more expensive guys in the industry, and we do not expect a 100% debitability from Day 1 on our young Academy graduates."

"Compared to the ROI of the Firebrand Academy candidate, our calculations rove that incl. bonus, wage increases and so on, that we start making a profit on the candidate when we pass 13-14 months. That means, that we mneed to hold on to the candidate at least until we have the breakeven, and we make that happen with totalt transparency about expectations. We tell it like it is to the candidate before we sign the contract; This is serious so you do not just give up on it! And it has worked really well. 

"It's one of the best hires of my 25 years as CEO."

How has it been working with Firebrand Academy
"The Academy graduates I have employed are sharp and the fit is  perfect, but we´ve also met some peculiar types that went throught the recruitment screening process, but it has been exciting. "2ndC's other employees are also extremely positive, says Jesper and the customers are also full of praise. "As a CSR project, it definately counts there is no doubt about that - so it's a really good story. But our candidates are chosen simply because they are top top top qualified -.I´ll put all my money and faith in these young candidates, THis is definately the way forward, we are already expanding our collaboration with Firebrand Academy to other groups of employees too, this is a solution I strongly believe in"


1. Jan 0001

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

Maria arbejder med kommunikation og markedsføring for Firebrand i Norden, hvor vi arbejder for at udvikle de skarpeste hjerner, der kan skabe bedre løsninger for succesfulde virksomheder.

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