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"Firebrand has great experience and the heart in the right place. That leads to solutions that work in practice for the people involved." - Kurt Juvyns, Responsible for Readiness at Microsoft

The ERP market is competitive and focus on customer service, system optimization and revenue is more important than ever. That is why Microsoft decided to build Microsoft Dynamics C5 on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform as it is a modern platform that supports the customers need for a system that they can grow with and which is easy to use. 

From C5 partner to NAV partner 
The new NAV platform offers many new possibilities for the partners and Microsoft wanted a partner, who in close cooperation with their Readiness team could create a large competency development project targeted at facilitating the C5 partners' development into certified NAV partners.

As the leading Nordic supplier of Microsoft Dynamics training and winner of the prize Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year for the last 4 years Firebrand was the natural choice for the job. Kurt Juvyns, who is responsible for Readiness at Microsoft, says: "We wanted to be able to offer the C5 partners a training and certification solution that would make a real difference to their market opportunities with NAV. And when we wanted to select a partner for developing and delivering the solution, there was actually only one clear option: Firebrand. They had both C5 and NAV experience as well as the basic understanding of both the ERP market and the partners' needs that was key in delivering the competency development and certification that would give the C5 partners new market opportunities with NAV."

Fast and smooth
In 3 weeks Firebrand developed a training series consisting of 5 different training programs -with a total of 394 seats -targeted towards certification of the C5 partners to ensure their market readiness and ability to achieve turnover and customer satisfaction with the new possibilities. One of the C5 partners that participated in the training program was lnventio A/S, which is a Microsoft Gold Partner and the 2010, 2011, and 2013 Microsoft ERP Small/Medium Partner of the Year. lnventio chose to train 4 internal consultants from their C5 team for the new C5 2014. "We had two options: We could either hire a complete team of new NAV consultants and compete with all the others on the price for them, or we could educate the staff we already have and then hire a few experienced NAV consultants with practical experience. We chose the latter."

Accelerated customer readiness
To lnventio this meant that they only needed to hire a few experienced NAV consultants in order to quickly achieve customer readiness. Peter Echwald says that the consultants, which they sent for training through Firebrand's courses, gained a solid theoretical base, passed all their exams, and that the team is now ready to handle tasks for clients. For Microsoft it was key that the partners would quickly achieve customer readiness and be certified. Kurt Juvyns from Microsoft says about their overall experience: "It was easy to work with Firebrand and it took only 3 weeks to develop the program. Communication was swift and clear - I could always get a hold of them and they showed great understanding for our goals. We were very pleased that the partners were educated thoroughly, but it was equally important that they were certified - nowadays it is a requirement, as that is what the customers demand." 

Finally, Kurt Juvyns says "Firebrand has great experience and the heart in the right place. That leads to solutions that work in practice for the people involved." 

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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