I’m a forward thinking employer looking for a talented graduate

Gain the ressources you need, reduce internal costs, improve value for your clients and increase profits for your business with Firebrand Academy

I’m an ambitious graduate looking for an exciting job

Firebrand Academy is your fastest and most certain way to build an amazing career. We get you employed, we get you trained and we get you ready for a career in the IT industry.


Exciting changes with SQL Server 2016

Microsoft have kicked off 2016 with new and impressive announcements regarding SQL Server. Read all about it here and learn what to expect.

NEW@DK - Making a difference together

Together we are providíng skilled resources to the Danish labourmarket and helping some good people getting a foothold in the labourmarket.

Becoming a certified Ethical Hacker

Businesses are increasingly realising the value of employing ‘white hat’ (ethical) hackers to employ the same tools and techniques as the nasty ‘black hat’ hackers.

Our Facts



With us you´ll find 200+ accelerated course- and certification programmes and we can train Academy Candidates in every single one. Whatever your chosen technology; we´ll create your experts.


Billable hours

Academy Candidates are quickly ready to deliver value. Within a year the Academy candidates are, on average, billing 70% or more of their time to customers.


Stay in their first job

We´ve currently recruited and trained more than 200 candidates and when we asked them after two years of employment, 97% of them had stayed on with the original employer.

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